Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Sandwich Times - Volume 2

1. Toronto Life's interesting piece on how Toronto's nascent sandwich industry has been reinvigorated by the depression.

2. As promotion for Windows new Operating system 7, the company devised a celebratory sandwich of quintuble-bypass inducing proportions with the local Burger King.

While Japan has been known to take fast food sandwiches to the extreme i.e. the Mega Mac - A 3 patty, bacon and fried egg burger - this one takes the novelty sandwich to its logical extreme then adds a few sevens on the way - This 7 patty MONSTROSITY cost 777 yen (roughly $4.98) for a limited number of lucky/about to die customers

3. A different and more seasonal variation of the coffin sandwich featured by our foremost Formosan Guest Writer c/o Insanewiches.

4. Finally, Some classic Onion Sandwich Schticks:

New Prescription-Only Sandwich Extra Delicious

Report: Turkey Sandwiches An Excellent Source Of Turkey Sandwiches

Don King Enjoys Grandilomentitudinous Sandwich