Monday, July 12, 2010

The Sandwich Times - Volume 8

It's been a while so let's just cut to the gooey Sandwich middle:

1. Recently the internet has been going nuts for Candwiches. You read me. Candwiches. Very close to the name of the site Canwiches. As a result of this little news item about gross canned Sandwiches, financial scandal  and people tending to spell words phonetically, my little website has been recipient of lots of random U.S. traffic in the last few days.

Well here it is, it all its ridicolous glory:

2. Trying to capitalize on the KFC Double Down "Fast Food Porn as Advertising Performance Art and Internet Meme" theme, the always corpulent-minds at Carl's Jr. have finally managed to create merge the Sandwich with the Burger through the "Footlong Burger". 

Clearly not phased by Subway's attempts to acquire Trademark rights for the term Footlong, Carl's Jr. will now try to merge the Sub and the Cheeseburger in a way that only Carl's Jr.'s can: 

Voila - 

While I have spent a lot of time contemplating on the "is the Burger a Sandwich debate", this one surely comes pretty damn close to me (in an endearing gut-rotting way)

Trying to up the Sandwich-Burger hybrid ammo, Friendly's has also laid-out its very own mega-fat Sand-burger. The Burger Melt: 


This time, the burger is Sandwiched betwixt two Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. This thing is so utterly ridiculous that I don't even have a snappy zinger.

Frankly, I'll take the old-fashioned patty melt over either of these any day, like the version I recently had at Widgets' Bachelor Party at The Pilot  

3. In an instance of the those loveable rascals, the English seemingly following suit on American trends, U.K retailer Tesco has introduced the Lasagna Sandwich:


6. Someone named Laurie Mustard wrote an article for the Winnipeg Sun entitled "Sandwiches are Beautiful". Next up Victor Von Mayo writes on the Life and Death of  Tuna Salad, Rupert Pumpernickel writes on Professional Slicing and Albert Pastrami-On-Rye (he's the child of  new aged, hyphenation-friendly parents)  writes about barrel-curing meats. 

7. Curious with what to do with your Vuvuelza now that the World Cup is over? KFC is offering a free Chicken Sandwich in exchange for your used Vuvuzela 

8. The Zellegabetsky from

8 Decker on special cut rye, corned beef, pastrami, turkey, roast beef, tongue, Swiss cheese w/cole slaw, Russian dressing and sweet peppers.

10. The Hand Baguette from

 That's all for today folks. Keep those Sandwich eyes open!