Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sandwich Times - Volume 9 - National Sandwich Day, Sand-tube and A meal to tickle your McRibs

1. Today is National Sandwich Day in the U.S. celebrating the anniversary of the Earl of Sanwich's invention (tho peep my 2nd entry for some commentary on the issue)

I recommend you celebrate that fantastic event with a fantastic Sandwich, an album of Sandwich Show-tunes and maybe even a lengthy reading of Canwiches back posts!

2. In my neverending quest to bring you the world's most heart-stopping Sandwich Catastrophe I bring you this

Two dudes from Montreal teamed up to bring you The Angry French Canadian, featuring:

"20" french toasted Parisian baguette, poutine, a quebecois steamay, bacon sandwich covered in 100% pure maple syrup from the tit of The Mother Maple Tree."

How does this compare to Conan's Version?

2. Celebrity Chef Sandwich Lust over at the Huffington Post

3. From the Wacky Sandwiches in the news pile, a customer at a Connecticut Subway  recently called 911 after not getting justice over some allegedly burnt meatballs.

4. The McRib is Finally Back, and it couldn't be sooner for Jack Osborne (let's hear it for early 2000's reality tv references hoo-wah) .

I recently was able to Sample the McRib at a D.C McDonalds (As part of Rally to Restore Sandwich Sanity/Fear Tour... More Sandwich Details to Follow...).

This was my first ever experience with the McRib. That is not to say the concept was entirely foreign to me. I had an early high school love affair with the Subway BBQ rib. The concept is pretty brilliant. They took a Sandwich that was probably neck-to-neck with the Filet-o-Fish (The Fish Mac for Continental European Canwichites) in sales and turned it into cult figure. It's kinda like the Rocky Horror Picture Show of Sandwiches or the Disney Vault. The 'boneless rib cutlet' is right up there with imitation crab in terms of faux food pyscho-outs.

The Sandwich features a boneless rib cutlet, brought you proudly by The Boneless Pig Farmers Association, smothered in BBQ sauce, and topped with Vidalia Onions and two pickles (as opposed to say Chick-Fil-A were the magic pickle number is 3).

Overall Impressions:
Honestly, I kinda liked it. The tangy bbq sauce worked really well with the sweetness of McDees' pickles and every bite had a nice mix of flavours to it. That is not to say the McRib is necessarily worthy of the having its own Jonestown-style following but if I'm at McDonald's and the mood strikes me just right (I'm thinking at 455 p.m, at Union Station, about to board a train to Ottawa) and it were on offer I would seriously consider out over the McJesse (aka a McDouble w/ Big Mac Sauce.... yeaaah!)

7/10 fast-food scale Opas

5. Yesterday was my birthday. My devoted friend and sometime Sandwich-associate Chris Reineck presented me with  "Great Canadian Sandwich Blanket",a fleece blanket with images from this site:

Here are some other not so subtle suggestions for yours truly from (